Andrew C. Isenberg

Hall Distinguished Professor of American History
Primary office:
Wescoe Hall
Room 3638


Environmental History; North American West; Borderlands; Native Americans

Office Hours Spring 2020: Tu. 12:30-2:30 & W 2:00-3:30

Selected Publications

J.M. Turner and A.C. Isenberg.  The Republican Reversal:  Conservatives and the Environment from Nixon to Trump (Cambridge, Ma.: Harvard University Press, 2018).


Isenberg, A.C., ed. The California Gold Rush:  A Brief History with Documents (Boston:  Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2018). 


Isenberg, A.C. "Industrial Empire:  The American Conquest of the West, 1845-1900," in The Routledge History of Nineteenth-Century America, ed. J.D. Wells (New York:  Routledge, 2018), 333-345. 


Isenberg, A.C. and L. Kessler. "Settler Colonialism and the Environmental History of the North American West," Journal of the West, 56 (Fall 2017), 57-66.


Isenberg, A.C. "Mining, Memory, and History," in Mining North America:  An Environmental History since 1522, ed. G. Vrtis and J.R. McNeill (Berkeley:  University of California Press, 2017), 398-412.


Isenberg, A.C. "An Empire of Remedy:  Vaccination, Natives, and Narratives in the North American West," Pacific Historical Review, 86 (February 2017), 84-113.


Isenberg, A.C. and T. Richards, Jr. "Alternative Wests:  Rethinking Manifest Destiny," Pacific Historical Review, 86 (February 2017), 4-17.


Isenberg, A.C., ed. The Oxford Handbook of Environmental History (New York:   Oxford University Press, 2014). 


Isenberg, A.C. "From the Periphery to the Center:  North American Environmental History," Global Environment, 12 (January 2014), 80-101.


Isenberg, A.C.  Wyatt Earp:  A Vigilante Life (New York:  Hill and Wang, 2013).


Isenberg, A.C. "Between Mexico and the United States:  From Indios to Vaqueros in the Pastoral Borderlands," in J. Tutino, ed., Mexico and Mexicans in the Making of the United States (Austin:  University of Texas Press, 2012), 85-109.


Isenberg, A.C. "Buffalo Commons:  The Past, Present, and Future of an Idea," in C. Mauch and S. Mayer, eds., American Environments:  Climate--Cultures--Catastrophe (Heidelberg:  Universitätsverlag Winter, 2012), 79-95.


Isenberg, A.C. "The Code of the West:  Sexuality, Homosociality, and Wyatt Earp," Western Historical Quarterly, 40 (Summer 2009), 139-157.


Isenberg, A.C. "Mercurial Nature:  The California Gold Country and the Coal Fields of the Ruhr Basin, 1850-1900," in U. Lehmkuhl and H. Wellenreuther, eds., Historians and Nature:  Comparative Approaches to Environmental History (Oxford:  Berg, 2007), 125-145.


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Isenberg, A.C.  Mining California:  An Ecological History (New York:  Hill and Wang, 2005).


Isenberg, A.C. "The Industrial Alchemy of Hydraulic Mining:  Law, Technology, and Resource-Intensive Industrialization," in J.M. Diefendorf and K. Dorsey, eds., City, Country, Empire:  Landscapes in Environmental History (Pittsburgh:  University of Pittsburgh Press, 2005), 122-137.


Isenberg, A.C. "Environment and the Nineteenth-Century West; or, Process Encounters Place," in W. Deverell, ed., A Companion to the History of the American West (Malden, Ma.:  Blackwell, 2004), 77-92.


Isenberg, A.C. "‘To see inside of an Indian’:  Missionaries and Dakotas in the Minnesota Borderlands," in K. Mills and A. Grafton, eds., Conversion:  Old Worlds and New (Rochester, New York:  University of Rochester Press, 2003), 218-240.


Isenberg, A.C. "Historicizing Natural Environments:  The Deep Roots of Environmental History," in L. Kramer and S. Maza, eds., A Companion to Western Historical Thought (Malden, Ma.:  Blackwell, 2002), 372-389.


Isenberg, A.C. "The Moral Ecology of Wildlife," in N. Rothfels, ed., Representing Animals (Bloomington:  Indiana University Press, 2002), 48-64.


Isenberg, A.C. "The Market Revolution in the Borderlands:  George Champlin Sibley in Missouri and New Mexico, 1808-1826," Journal of the Early Republic, 26 (Fall 2001), 445-465.


Isenberg, A.C.  The Destruction of the Bison:  An Environmental History, 1750-1920 (New York:  Cambridge University Press, 2000).


Isenberg, A.C., "The Returns of the Bison:  Nostalgia, Profit, and Preservation," Environmental History, 2 (April 1997), 179-196.






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