Kristin Bowman-James

Kristin Bowman-James
  • University Distinguished Professor
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Chemistry

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University of Kansas
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The design and synthesis of organized molecular frameworks as selective receptors for anions and as ligands for transition metal ions are the primary goals of our research program. Our interest in these areas stems from potential environmental and biological applications in sensing, separations, and catalysis. We also seek to examine the similarities (and differences) between anion/supramolecular coordination chemistry and traditional transition metal coordination chemistry. In this endeavor we are exploring the same ligand frameworks as both anion and transition metal ligands, involving hydrogen bonding and pi-pi stacking interactions for anion complexes, and coordinate covalent (or dative) bonds for transition metal complexes. We especially focus on solid state and solution structural influences as well as the kinetic and thermodynamic properties of ligands and the effects on the physical and chemical properties of complexes. A key focus is on a comparison of the influence of the chelate, macrocyclic, and cryptate effects on binding and thermodynamics in these complexes.


Teaching interests:

  • Supramolecular and Traditional Coordination Chemistry