Stephen Jordan Ware

Stephen Ware
  • Frank Edwards Tyler Distinguished Professor
  • School of Law
  • Law School

Contact Info

Green Hall, room #405
University of Kansas
1535 W. 15th Street
Lawrence, KS 66045


Teaching interests:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bankruptcy, Contracts, Commercial, Consumer, Secured Transactions

Selected Publications

Ware, S. (2021). Lasting Lessons from Mentschikoff’s Commercial Arbitration [Book Chapters]. In Discussions in Dispute Resolution. Oxford Univ. Press .
Ware, S., & Rau, A. S. (2020). Arbitration (p. 566) [Books]. Foundation Press.
Ware, S. (2018). A Short Defense of Southland, Casarotto, and other Long-Controversial Arbitration Decisions [Journal Articles]. Loyola Consumer Law Review, 30(3), 303–337.
Ware, S. (2018). The Centrist Case for Enforcing Adhesive Arbitration Agreements [Journal Articles]. Harvard Negotiation Law Review, 23, 29–121.
Ware, S. J., & Levinson, A. (2017). Principles of Arbitration Law [Books]. Thomson/West Concise Hornbook Series.
Ware, S. (2017). The Centrist Case Against Current (Conservative) Arbitration Law [Journal Articles]. Florida Law Review, 68(5), 1228–1280.
Ware, S. (2016). Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution (Issue 3d, p. 509) [Books]. Thomson/West Concise Hornbook Series.
Ware, S. (2016). The Politics of Arbitration Law and Centrist Proposals for Reform [Journal Articles]. Harvard Journal on Legislation, 53(2), 711.
Ware, S., Baumeister, R., Simpson, S., & Weber, D. (2015). The Glucose Model of Mediation: Physiological Bases of Willpower as Important Explanations for Common Mediation Behavior [Journal Articles]. Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, 15(2), 379–413.
Ware, S. (2015). Debt, Poverty, and Personal “Financial Distress” [Journal Articles]. American Bankrutpcy Law Journal, 89, 493.
Ware, S. (2015). Judicial Elections, Judicial Impartiality and Legitimate Judicial Lawmaking: Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar [Journal Articles]. Roundtable: Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar, 68, 59–81.
Ware, S. (2014). A 20th Century Debate About Imprisonment for Debt [Journal Articles]. American Journal of Legal History, 54, 351–377.
Ware, S. (2014). Vacating Legally-Erroneous Arbitration Awards [Journal Articles]. 6 Yearbook On Arbitration & Mediation 56 (2014). . Published.
Welsh, N., & Ware, S. (2014). Ross et al. v. American Express et al.: The Story Behind the Spread of Class Action-Barring Arbitration Clauses in Credit Card Agreements [Periodicals (newsletter, magazine, etc.)]. In DISPUTE RESOLUTION MAGAZINE (Vol. 2014, Issue Fall, pp. 18–19). American Bar Association.

Selected Presentations

Ware, S. (5/21/2018). Judicial selection. Teleforum, Federalist Society,.
Ware, S. (4/5/2018). Nullification of the CFPB’s Arbitral Class-Waiver Rule in Political and Legal Context. American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section,. Washington, DC.
Ware, S. (3/9/2018). Arbitration in Bankruptcy. Missouri Bar Association, Bankruptcy Institute. Springfield, MO
Ware, S. (1/12/2018). Arbitration. Samford University, Cumberland School of Law, Federalist Society,. Birmingham, AL
Ware, S. (1/5/2018). Panel presentation. Topic: Soia Mentschikoff. Federalist Society, Law Professors Division. San Diego
Ware, S. (11/14/2017). Kansas judicial selection. Washburn University Federalist Society,. Topeka
Ware, S. (11/8/2017). Missouri Plan of judicial selection. Platte Citizens for the Law and Humanities. Parkville, MO
Ware, S. (3/16/2017). Arbitration. Loyola University of Chicago Federalist Society. Chicago
Ware, S. (3/17/2017). Consumer arbitration. Loyola University of Chicago Consumer Law Review Symposium. Chicago
Ware, S. (2/14/2017). Adhesion contracts. Northwestern University Federalist Society. Chicago
Ware, S. (2/13/2017). Arbitration. University of Chicago Federalist Society. Chicago.
Ware, S. (2/10/2017). European and U.S. Approaches to Consumer Financial Protection. American Society of Comparative Law workshop on comparative business and financial law. Lawrence, KS
Ware, S. (1/24/2017). Is Arbitration Fair?. Webinar, American Bar Association, Section of Dispute Resolution
Ware, S. (1/5/2017). Judicial Retention Elections. Law Professors Division, Federalist Society, Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA.
Ware, S. (1/12/2017). Plaintiffs’ lawyers. Samford University Federalist Society. Birmingham, AL
Ware, S. (8/1/2016 - 8/1/2016). Criminal and Civil Negotiation and Mediation. Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi,. Istanbul, Turkey.
Ware, S. (4/8/2016 - 4/8/2016). Consent in Arbitration. American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section. New York
Ware, S. (2/18/2016 - 2/18/2016). Justice Scalia's Legacy. University of Chicago Institute of Politics
Ware, S. (1/9/2016 - 1/9/2016). How to Get the Most Out of the AALS. Association of American Law Schools, annual meeting. New York, NY.
Ware, S. (1/8/2016 - 1/8/2016). Moderator of panel presentations on several topics. Federalist Society, Law Professors Division.
Ware, S. (10/7/2015). Consumer arbitration. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau field hearing. Denver, CO.
Ware, S. (10/3/2015). Consumer arbitration. Midwest Law & Economics Association. Lawrence, KS
Ware, S. (9/19/2015). Arbitration in consumer contracts. American Bar Association, Business Law Section, Continuing Legal Education. Chicago, IL.
Ware, S., & Shriner, T. (9/21/2015). Selection to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Marquette University Federalist Society. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Ware, S. (1/23/2015). Consumer arbitration. Federalist Society, Law Professors Division.